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Your Vedic Astrology Report consists of 4 sections: an interpretation of the Moon nakshatra and Moon sign, an analysis of yogas, a third section that describes various specific astrological influences in your chart, and an appendix of technical details. Fortunately, you do NOT need to be an astrologer or know what a "Moon nakshatra" is to read this report! If you are an astrologer or student of astrology, the astrological details are described as well, and you can easily skip over these technical astrological details if they do not interest you.

In this report there are quotations from the following books: "Yogas In Astrology" by Dr. K S Charak, 1999, published by UMA Publications, 72 Gagan Vihat, Delhi-110 051, India "Three Hundred Important Combinations" by B.V. Raman, 1997, published by Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited, Delhi, India "Constellational Astrology" by Robert De Luce, 1963, De Luce Publishing Company, Los Angeles, CA, USA If you are interested in learning Vedic astrology, we highly recommend these 3 books. Only small sections that are relevant to a particular astrological influence have been quoted from these books. These works are based on the ancient Vedic writings (the Vedas) and have been elaborated upon and explained in terms that make sense for modern people. "Constellational Astrology" is no longer in print, but the other two books can be purchased

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Sample Astrology Report for Cher

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