Libra Moon Inc

I love these old pictures. I decided to feature them on my websites. I'm actually an accountant by day and an astrologer by night. I typically don't use my full name because a lot of my accounting clients, tax clients, are not cool with this other side of me. But it's real. It exists. I have found that the more stress you give me, the more I tend to escape in the world of astrology and tarot. Right or wrong, it is what it is. So that's how it started. The more stress that gets put on me with taxes, accounting, dealing with rude people, the more I escape into this other stuff. I want to share what I know with you. I want to help others learn about themselves. Learn about astrology. Maybe then we can all get along.

Live by the Sun

I want you to understand yourself. When we understand ourselves then we can begin to heal. When we heal we can help others. It's about helping people help themselves.

Feel by the Moon

I want you to understand how you relate to other people. Friends, Lovers, Business Partners, even enemies ... To know them is to love them. To love them is to let them be exactly who they are. Everybody who comes across your path is there for a reason.

Move with the Stars

I want you to follow your stars. I can give you the roadmap, but it's up to you reach your optimal destination. You can follow the map yearly, monthly, or even daily. Or, you can stick your head in the sand. The choice is always yours.


natal reports include vertex, life path, indra, degree meaning, best places, and more


relationship reports include compatibility and conflict for business or romance, composite, synastry and more


forcasting reports include progressions, transits, solar and lunar returns


Health Reports include chakra healing, gem and essense and more


karma reports include jupiter promise, cayce past lives, chiron, karmic insights and more

Money and Asteroids

money reports include prosperity, vocation, asteroid reports include iris asteroid

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Our history

Began Astrological Studies

Self taught. Started gathering all the information that I could about astrology. This phase lasted a good jupiter cycle , which is 12 years.

Libra Moon Astrology

This was the birth of Libra Moon Astrology. The moon is the most prominent planet in my birth chart and I decided to name my company after that.

Feel by the Moon

Started attaching a feeling to a day based on the lunar cycle. Built feel by the moon. It is currently all hand done but turning it into an automated app in 2019.


My reports were overpowering the Libra Moon Astrology website so I decided to make a seperate website just for you. Just for them. I want you to be the best you can be.