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INTRODUCTION “Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.” - Anthony Brandt Actor Michael J Fox once said that family was not an important thing, it was everything! This is certainly true as we start out in life. Our families are our first introduction to life, our first experience of this earthly world. So, they are indeed important. Our first instincts are shaped by what we experience in the womb, and then as we are birthed into this world, our relationship with our mother, father and then the rest of the family. Families also come in all shapes and sizes – two-parent families, single-parent families, blended families and so on. Decisions are made for us by family members before we are born. Events occur in our parents’ lives before we are born. These all affect our private emotional world and how we respond to the outer world. Astrology can shed light on what these experiences are likely to be, how they shape us and how we can move into adulthood and form our own healthy home and family life, a private life that sustains our individual needs

Children born into the same family can experience the family dynamics in different ways, being sensitive to varying factors. For instance, one child may appreciate a fiery parent, while another might cower in fear. One child may appreciate, even flourish in, time alone, while another might crave togetherness. Children are also born into families at different points in time, and thus have contrary experiences. For instance, the first child may be born when the parents are just starting out, learning how to take care of a little one and perhaps struggling financially. By the time that another child is born parents are more settled emotionally and financially. The family has the same parents, but the children have different stories.

The report includes:

Home and Family
The Moon
Aspects to the Moon
Your Siblings
Third House
Your Family Environment
Fourth House
Your Family Nature

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Sample Astrology Report for Martin Luther King Jr

The text discusses the life of Martin Luther King Jr., a prominent civil rights leader and pastor. He won awards for fighting segregation, inspiring black Americans with his speeches. Raised in Atlanta, he was influenced by his parents' and church's teachings. King excelled academically and spiritually, leading him to pursue a career in ministry. He faced internal conflict about the emotionalism of religion but found intellectual and emotional satisfaction in his studies. King's leadership skills and oratory abilities were evident early on, leading him to become a prominent figure in the civil rights movement. His impactful speech during the Montgomery Bus Boycott solidified his role as a national hero.

Sample Report
Martin Luther King Jr


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Sample Report
Martin Luther King Jr


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