Natal Report - The Good The Bad and the Ugly

This unique report packs a punch. It’s not for the faint-hearted! This report writer is an ideal introduction to the concepts of Classical Astrology or for research on the application of Classical techniques in a birth chart.+ World-renowned author J Lee Lehman has created something unique based on her wealth of experience in both modern and classical astrology techniques.  

Classical Astrology is forthright and explicit; some may say blunt. The method of analysis may be shocking or even disturbing to the common person, this is really a tell it like it is report. Therefore, the purpose of this report is to understand just how the life will function if the Native does not take conscious control of the energies presented by the chart. This is the raw thrust of the chart actually shows.

Dignities and Debilities
The Affairs of the House
Planets in Signs
Sign of the Ascendant Ruler
Ascendant’s Almuten or Ruler
Ruler of the Geniture
Health—6th House
Length of Life—Alcocoden
Aspects, Faces and more

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Sample Astrology Report for OJ Simpson.

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Sample Report
OJ Simpson


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