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INTRODUCTION In Vedic Astrology, the use of gemstones to propitiate the planets is part of a larger system called the “Upayes”, which seek in different ways to mitigate the effects of karma found in the astrological chart. A few examples are through prayer and meditation, practicing positive and uplifting affirmations, chanting Vedic mantras, such as “Om Surya” for the Sun, diet, and gemstones. My approach is to suggest that you do your utmost to incorporate multiple remedial measures into your daily lives. You can easily practice an affirmation or a mantra throughout the day during leisure time.

Every planet, house and sign have “higher” qualities and “lower” qualities. There is an interaction between all three of these as the planets are placed in different houses, which in turn are affected by the signs in which they all live. All charts are a mixture of stronger and weaker planets and by their placements, this will determine the tenor of a chart. When planets are strong, the “higher” qualities generally flourish. When the planets are challenged, the “lower qualities” manifest.

The purpose of Vedic remedial measures is to determine which planets are weak and to make recommendations that will strengthen them and help to balance out the planetary energies. A well-functioning chart is one that is balanced with no planet being too strong (too much of a good thing) or too weak.

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Sample Astrology Report for Cat Stevens

British singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, humanitarian, education philanthropist, and prominent convert to Islam. His present name is Yusuf Islam, though he is commonly known by his former stage name Cat Stevens. He began releasing gold albums in 1971. A singer, pianist, guitarist and songwriter, he first appeared as a clean cut teen-age idol. After a pause due to an illness of TB in 1968 and depression, he returned as a shaggy singer and writer of songs with considerable depth and meaning, accomplishing over 25 million records sold. His spiritual conversion came after nearly drowning at a Malibu beach in 1976, making a deal with God, "Oh, God, if you save me, I'll work for you." On 22 November 1979, he gave his last performance, giving up his music for the Muslim religion. Stevens changed his name to Yusuf Islam, married a Muslim woman, Fawzia Ali, in the formal tradition and had five children. Residing in London with his wife of 19 years (as of 1998), Islam owns a hotel that caters to the Muslims. At the age of 50, Yusuf Islam is promoting an album "I Have No Cannons That Roar" as a benefit to victims of the civil war in Bosnia. This musician returned to the Royal Albert Hall in London, the first time in over 25 years, to give one of his rare live concerts on October 20, 2003. The concert, a charitable event, was in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Islamia Schools, which he founded. Earlier this year, Islam re-recorded his classic 'Peace Train' for a new album entitled "Hope," and he was nominated for the World Social Award for his humanitarian work with children.

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Cat Stevens


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