Natal Report - Child Report

This report is written specifically for parents of children, and it focuses on issues that parents are concerned about for their children: the needs, talents, potential problems, health, relationship to parents, the school environment, etc.

This report give guidance to get to know their children as they grow up. It is accurate and well-written. This report is about 12-14 pages.

The report includes:

General description of the child: essential nature and personality. Physical body and childhood.
Maternal figure: emotions, feelings, capacity to love and share
Paternal figure: authority, power, capacity to assume responsibilities and to defend oneself in life
Mentality: intelligence, studies and capacity for communication
Destiny: vocation, profession, probability of success and social recognition
Health: probable physical physical problems and recommendations for diet and nutrition
Genereational influence: ideas and feelings common to your child's age group

Delivery of report is from 24-48 hours from the time it is placed. Delivery will come through email. Please provide a valid email address with your order

Sample Astrology Report for Ethan.

Ethan is my son. This report really nails it for him. He's 27 now, but I wish I had read this when he was small. It really would have helped reinforce my method of parenting with him and my natural instincts which happened to be against what everybody suggested. I love how astrology is really the blueprint of who you are and shows what your gifts and talents are.

Sample Report


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