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13 Moons Lunar

The astrological technique ia known as Lunar Returns. The lunar analysis is very detailed and provides Read More...
Price - $20.00

Adv Transits

Major aspects formed between the transiting and natal planets are interpreted, and also Read More...
Price - $15/25/45

Astro Journey

Issues and concerns for people from age 14 to 29, young adults prior to the first Saturn Return Read More...
Price - $15/25/45

Business Forecast

One Year. Future trends for people engaged in running a business or making business decisions. Read More...
Price - $20

Destiny and Decisions

There is an element of the future that you can not change. This is your desitny. Read More...
Price - $15/25/45

Dynamic Tranits

outlines the major transits occurring in a person’s life. Suitable as a monthly or yearly planner Read More...
Price - $20.00

Love Forecast

1 Month. Aspects between transiting planets and the following three natal planets; Moon, Venus, Read More...
Price - $10/15/35

Lunar Return

Providing insights to possible events in a descriptive and comprehensive way while giving Read More...
Price - $20.00

Lunar Returns

The Moon has been long known for its effect on planet Earth. Together with the gravitational Read More...
Price - $20.00

Many Happy Returns

Comprehensive analysis of influences lasting from birthday until the following birthday.Read More...
Price - $20.00
Best Seller

Mini Minder

1 Month. Brief interpretations of transits, including the option to include midpoint interpretations Read More...
Price - $15/25/55
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Planets Solar Return

Complete description of possibilities ranging from spiritual transitions, starting a new business, Read More...
Price - $20.00
Best Seller

Poppe Forecast

Includes semi-square, sesquiquadrate, and quincunx aspects. Interprets midpoint
Price - $20/35/55


What, When, and How, it also tells us How Long! It locates the signs, the aspects, and the house Read More...
Price - $20.00

Solar Return

Solar Returns evaluates and interprets the major themes for the birthday year. It is a guide to help Read More...
Price - $20.00
Best Seller

Solar Returns

This report is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the external conditions of the birthday year Read More...
Price - $20.00
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Starlight Solutions

Three Month. Describes future trends but advises you on how to best handle the astrological influences Read More...
Price - $12/23/44